Dante Labs introduces first complete European DNA Test for Health and Wellness at special launch price for Cyber Monday 2017

Dante Labs DNA

The international biotech company launched a 149 euro consumer DNA test, with personal genetic service and 80+ online health and wellness reports.

Brussels, 27 November 2017—Today international biotech company Dante Labs introduced a €149 (£139) advanced consumer DNA test, with interpretation, personal genetic service and 80+ online health and wellness reports.

Customers will receive a non-invasive saliva collection kit at home, ship it back to Dante Labs using a pre-paid shipping label and then receive results in three weeks. The report has more than 80 health, wellness and lifestyle conditions and traits. Customers learn more about important topics such as risk of heart attacks, athletic predispositions, muscle fatigue, arthritis, digestion, blood and effect of medications.

Dante Labs will update customers’ results in the future with new reports and conditions each month.

“We wanted to develop a new high quality, affordable test that fulfils our mission to make advanced genomics accessible to everyone,” Dante Labs CEO and Co-founder Andrea Riposati said in a statement. “Developing this test required significant investments in bioinformatics, genetics, European-level logistics and software.”

With offices in Italy and New York, the company has developed the new test based on advanced microarray technologies together with European and international academic and corporate partners. The test includes more than 500,000 SNPs. This opens the door for very interesting reports for customers, but at a very affordable price.

Dante Labs is already successfully selling Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing, as well as target panels and non-invasive prenatal tests. “This new test is intended for a new target, different from our Whole Genome and Whole Exome customers. It fits very well with Dante Labs mission to make advanced genomics accessible to everyone.”

European individuals have suffered from a limited offering of genetic tests compared to American consumers. For instance, even large American companies charge high shipping costs to European customers that increase the final price up to 60%. “European consumers deserve high quality at affordable prices. We are please to pass our cost savings to Dante Labs customers.”