Dante Labs Adds Pharmacogenomic Analysis for 100+ Drugs on Amazon and for Black Friday Offer

LONDON, November 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

International biotech company Dante Labs expanded its whole genome sequencing with a pharmacogenomic analysis that measures the reaction to more than 100 medications. The report is added free of charge to its Whole Genome Sequencing and WholeGenomeZ offer

International biotech company Dante Labs announced today the launch of a pharmacogenomic report for its whole genome sequencing tests. The report will be available to all customers outside of the US and Canada. Previous patients will also receive the report, free of charge.

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person's response to drugs. This relatively new field combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to a person's genetic makeup. Many drugs are currently available are "one size fits all," but they don't work the same way for everyone.

Dante Labs pharmacogenomic report analyses the reaction of people to more than 100 medications in cardiology, oncology, psychiatry, neurology and infectious diseases. Drugs in the report include specialized drugs such as Warfarin, Cisplatin, Simvastatin and Abacavir as well as general drugs like Aspirin.

"Almost 98% (97,56%) of our patients have at least one genomic associated with altered drug sensitivity," says Dante Labs CEO Andrea Riposati. "We analysed 1500 people from more than 40 countries who performed Whole Genome Sequencing with us. Previous studies with whole exome sequencing showed a percentage of 96.19%."

"Releasing this new report during our Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer highlights our dual mission: make advanced genetics accessible to everyone and push forward genetic bioinformatics and data analysis."

Dante Labs is offering whole genome sequencing, 30X coverage with health reports for 169 euros until "Cyber Monday", Monday November 26th. The offer is available on Amazon and on Dante Labs website www.dantelabs.com. Get the test now.


Francesco Pennelli